If you think back to when you were a student, I bet you can easily recall how nervous you were before starting fieldwork! If you were anything like me, you were hoping to get a placement in a setting you loved, where you could learn a lot, and be supervised by an incredibly knowledgable and supportive OT.

And now, as a practicing clinician, you're probably realizing what a tall order that is! Despite the need for competent fieldwork supervisors, this isn't something that we get a lot of support on in the field. Many OTs want to take on fieldwork students, but worry that they don't have the knowledge, skill, or time yet.

But I'm here to tell you that you are ready, and we need you!

I created this fieldwork supervision manual with the busy school-based OT in mind. It's everything you need to facilitate an excellent fieldwork experience, all in one convenient place. Never again feel like you are not ready or organized enough to take on a student!

This 13-page manual is completely editable and yours to keep for life, modifying as you need to support the specifics of your district and position. It includes everything you need to provide a supportive fieldwork experience, from getting your student ready for their first day, to completing their final performance evaluation.

When you purchase, you'll immediately have access to the manual (Microsoft Word and Google Doc versions both available) + a space to ask me any questions about it!

Being a fieldwork supervisor is one of my favorite roles as an OT. It is an immensely gratifying experience, and I know you'll feel the same once you have the right tools to support you. You are helping shape the next generation of OTs, and that is a priceless contribution. Thank you!

Table of Contents

  1. First Day Information and Onboarding
  2. This is where you'll fill in all the necessary information for your student to show up with success on their first day! Don't worry, I'll prompt you for all of those pesky things you might forget, like parking info and lunch.
  3. Important Info and Links
  4. This is another editable section where you can fill in relevant information to your district and schools, such as websites, contacts, and the location of important documents. I've also included federally relevant information to all public schools in the US.
  5. Weekly Fieldwork Meeting Form
  6. This is a check-in form you can use to guide your meetings with your student by setting goals and giving constructive feedback.
  7. Week By Week Fieldwork Plan
  8. This breaks down the relevant school-based skills your student should be accomplishing each week of their placement, starting slow and eventually building up to your student carrying a full caseload.
  9. Student Skills Checklist for School-Based OT Fieldwork
  10. This is a performance evaluation specific to school-based OT that you can use to guide your evaluations of your student at midterm and end of placement.

What's Inside:

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Who is this manual for?

This manual is for occupational therapists who are practicing in the U.S. school system. School-based OTAs may find this information relevant as well if they are involved in fieldwork supervision.

What is included?

This includes a 13-page manual (Microsoft Word and Google Doc formats available) on fieldwork supervision for school-based OT fieldwork educators, a place to ask questions about the manual, and an invite to our private Facebook group.

Can I edit the manual?

Absolutely! This is the intention of the product - please edit and modify to your heart's content to meet the needs of your unique position.

Is this the same manual found in The Dynamic School OT Course?

Yes! If you are enrolled in the course as of October 2021, you can find this manual in the Extra Resources for Module 9 at no extra cost to you. Thank you for enrolling!

How do I request accommodations for special needs?

Email me at [email protected] to discuss your needs before registering and I will work with you to provide needed accommodations per the ADA.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this digital product, no refunds are available. Please message me at [email protected] before downloading if you have any questions! I am glad to help you decide if it's right for you.

How can I contact you?

Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I'd be happy to answer any questions that aren't listed here!